Welcome to Newborn Checklist. Congratulations! You are pregnant and expecting a baby. This is an exciting time for you. I gave birth to my first son a few months ago, so I can relate to what you’re experiencing. The physical changes, the morning sickness, hormones, and emotions going wild.
Along with all of that, there is an endless expectation to meet the little one. The warm and happy feelings when you feel your baby move for the first time and that special bond coming between the two of you. These are the things that only moms like us can understand. Yes, you are already a mom, nurturing the little baby growing inside of you, making sure it’s ready to come into the world. So, are you ready for your baby?
Specialists recommend preparing for your baby’s arrival during pregnancy; this will help ease the transition after your baby is born. Make sure you have all the essential supplies ready before you come back home with your beautiful new baby.
From my experience and my friends, I’ve put together a list of the most essential supplies you’ll need along with a few good tips.

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  • Newborn Baby Stroller
    Newborn Baby Stroller

    There are a lot of great looking strollers out there. Since you are looking for a stroller for a newborn, there are a few parameters to take under consideration: first of all, the seat recliner angle. It is recommended by doctors that for the first months of their lives, newborns should lay down only on … Continue reading »

  • Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller
    Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller

    The Chicco Cortina Travel System will give the full recliner + care seat, one of the safest in the world. It’s easy to move your baby from the care to the stroller without waking up. The Chicco Cortina travel system is great for the mom always on the go. The best thing about the Chicco … Continue reading »

  • Inglesina Avio Stroller
    Inglesina Avio Stroller

    The Inglesina Avio is the new stroller from Inglesina Italy. It is stunning! Inglesina are known for making great stroller that are stable and durable. Inglesina Avio stroller is so durable and comfortable for parents and babies; you will probably use it from birth and all the way throw toddler years… Click here to check … Continue reading »


  • Newborn Changing Table
    Newborn Changing Table

    A changing chest or a changing table will certainly add class to your baby’s nursery. For you, it will make diapering a lot easier and faster. You can also use it to towel dry your baby after you give him a bath and dress him comfortably and safely…The newborn changing Table will have enough room … Continue reading »

  • Baby Movement and Sound Monitor
    Baby Movement and Sound Monitor

    When you put your little baby to sleep, you will want to know that everything is OK, and your baby didn’t cover his nose or mouth and stopped breathing! The baby movement monitor detects your baby’s slightest movements and will alarm you if no movement is detected… With the sound monitor you can rest assure … Continue reading »

  • Newborn Baby Crib Set
    Newborn Baby Crib Set

    If you are looking for the minimum needed, In this case a sheet and a blanket will do. However, one of the most exciting things to choose for your baby is the bedding set. Are you expecting a boy or a girl? Pink, blue or green? Having at least one matching crib set is a … Continue reading »

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